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2004-05-03 - 3:45 p.m.

The other night, I was paying for something and opened my wallet excited to find cash. Those of you who know me know that I generally always pay with my debit card because I am the Cashless Wonder.

So I opened my wallet and there was a $10 bill. I said outloud to myself, "I have cash! Check me out!" But since I was talking to myself, I was kind of mumbling. Jackie started cracking up because she thought I said, "I have cash! Checkmate!" After laughing about that for a few minutes, we decided that "Checkmate!" is going to be the new catchphrase expressing a serendipitous realization.

Examples might include:

Checkmate! I got a whole case of coconuts for $1.99!

It's raining puppies! Checkmate!

It's NOT Gonorrhea? Checkmate!

See? Try it out, spread it around! (not the Gonorrhea)

song of the day: The Other Side of Life - Japan

penelope fact: Don't try to pet her at 2 am while she's asleep under the covers, she'll bite.

something queer: To quote Molly Ringwald from 16 Candles and actually MEAN it, "I wish I was on a plane. To France."

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